15 Simple Life Hacks - These Simple Tricks Makes Big Difference- Must Watch Video

Iron a button up shirt with buttons down
keep a card in a highly visible place in your wallet with vital info such as blood type and allergies
keep dryer sheets in your drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh
While smiling for a pic squint for a more authentic smile
freeze grapes to chill wine
wooden spoon across boiling water to stop overflow
the right way to eat a cupcake *make it a sandwich*
bread tab to hold spot on tape (or just fold tape over)
drill holes in bottom of garbage can to avoid suction issues
staple remover for keyrings
place a water bottle on its side and put water in it to freeze
cheese grater for very cold butter
dryer sheets for deodorant stains
put freezy pops in grates upright for proper cutting
blowdryer for foggy mirror

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