Farmer and Two Calves - A Short Funny Story - A Must Read

A farmer told his wife, "Our cow has just given birth to two calves, a white one and a brown one. And I thought that when they've grown up, we should give one of them to the Lord." His wife asked him, "Which one are you going to give to the Lord, the brown one or the white one?" He replied, "Well, we can decide that later when they grow up." The calves grew up and they became fatter and fatter. One day the farmer came home with a sad face and told his wife, "I've got sad news for you. The Lord's calf just died." And his wife said, "But how did you know which was going to be the Lord's calf? You hadn't decided on that yet." He said, "Oh well, all along I had it in my mind to give the brown calf to the Lord; and it just died this morning."

In the Old Testament God had made a law that the Israelites had to give their "choice first fruits" to the Lord (Exod. 23:19). This was the only way they could "honor the Lord" (Prov. 3:9). It's the same today. We cannot honor the Lord if we don't give Him our best.