Stranger's act of kindness to Kalamazoo mom goes viral - Must Watch Video

A Kalamazoo mother's story of kindness from a stranger on a long distance flight has gone viral, getting international attention. Newschannel 3 caught up with Rebekka Garvison Thursday, as she arrived home. It's been a whirlwind few days for Garvison, and her 4-month-old baby girl. They found Internet fame, and received a wave of support, thanks to one short Facebook post. Although she is completely unaware of it, little four month old Rylee Garvison has been getting a lot of attention. "Honestly, it's just really overwhelming all the feedback, we never imagined this to take off like it has," Rebekka said. Rebekka and Rylee have been in the headlines and doing interviews with media from around the world--all after a short Facebook post to thank a stranger, went viral. "You don't really see anyone really stepping up like that, and in today's world with all the negativity that was really something I thought deserved recognition," Rebekka said. The post thanked Nyfesha Miller, who was on a flight Rebekka was taking to visit her husband stationed in Alabama in the Army. Rebekka was struggling because Rylee wouldn't stop crying, and Nyfesha asked to hold her. "She stopped crying, fell asleep shortly after that the whole flight," Rebekka said. "To have the baby in my arms, take to me the way she did, and then fall asleep, it comforted me. And I told her, I said this really was a blessing to me in disguise, you don't understand, I loved having her," Nyfesha said. We talked to Nyfesha by Skype at her home in Chicago. She says she hopes what she did might encourage other people to kindness. Rebekka thinks there has been so much response to her story, becasue so many parents have been there. "I think from other parents being able to relate to the situation, that's why its taken off, just because everyone can relate," she said. Since the flight last week, both Nyfesha and Rebekka have continued to talk every day. The original Facebook post has gone over 100,000 shares, and both women are going to be on several other national shows coming up.