How to make a Giant Oreo Cake! - Must Watch Video

An incredibly large Oreo-like cake!

We took the largest pot in our house to mix the batter. After repeated failures we found that the third time was the charm. Our hand-mixer was certainly put through the grind on this one.... There was so much batter that as it got thicker, the mixer almost gave up.

No adjustments were made to the audio volume this time. Please watch while you worry, "is the hand mixer going to break?" Let's go, hand mixer!

This is Mosogourmet's Epic Meal Time!

*Recipe*(24 cm diameter)
1.Lightly coat the mold with vegetable oil.
2.Sift together, cake flour 530g, baking powder 16g, black cocoa powder 100g, and cocoa powder 70g.
3.Beat 14 eggs in a bowl.
4.Add 350g of sugar in 2-3 batches, mixing well after each addition.
5.Add 1 tsp of salt, mix well.
6.Add 210g of vegetable oil, mix well.
7.Add the dry ingredients from 2, mix well.
8.Add 140g of milk, mix well.
9.Pour the batter from 8 to the prepared mold in 1.
10.Bake for 40 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.
11.Insert a bamboo skewer, if it comes out clean, the cake is done.
12.When 11 is cooled, slice them into two piece of equal thickness.
13.Combine 400ml of heavy whipping cream and 15g of sugar. Beat until it to a stiffer consistency.
14.Fold 18 crushed Oreos into 13.
15.Spread 14 onto 12, and assemble the slices together.
16.Finished! Work hard to eat it.

The amount of cocoa powder should be 25% of the cake flour.

The ratio of cocoa powder and black cocoa powder should be 2:3.

Regular cocoa powder was added because the black cocoa powder does not have sufficient cocoa flavor.