The Naked Truth About Modesty - MUST WATCH VIDEO

As the video says men are responsible for fighting temptations and they too must dress modestly. The norms for modesty are an aid to show how much responcibility men and women have for their actions. Following the norms for modesty removes culpability. Men and Women are not required to go to EXTRAORDINARY means, but they can't just wash their hands of the situation.

Modesty is also about the dignity of the human person. Watching the documentary from start to finish before commenting would be prudent, because the video provides a very balanced message. +++

For those that claim that the Church's teaching on Modesty is oppressive or places the blame for grave evil's such as rape or other crimes on the shoulders of women... YOU ARE WRONG. Those who say that women must be covered from head to toe... YOU ARE WRONG.

The Church's standards for modesty are rational and reasonable. They don't hide a person's beauty, but they reveal their dignity. Nobody denies that wearing clothes is a good thing... The Church's standards for modesty give women & MEN a clear guide and help to safe guard a person's conscience in doing their part.

Modesty guards purity and purity guards the creative power and the dignity of the human person. Life is sacred... sex is sacred... your body is sacred. Be modest.