Incredible Seven-Year-Old Uses Her Feet As Hands - Must Watch Video

Little Sophi Green loves to dance – despite being born with no arms. The seven-year-old has adapted to carry out a dizzying array of activities with her feet, including eating with a knife and fork or chopsticks, writing and even riding a bike. Adopted from China when she was just two years old, Sophi lives with adoptive parents Christianne and Jeremy in Herriman, Utah, USA. And the couple were quick to realise just how much she was able to do without arms.

7-Year-Old Girl Born With No Arms Does Everything Using Her Feet

This Utah girl was born without arms, but her two feet are more than enough for her to do everything else. Sophi Green was adopted from China when she was just 2 years old by parents Christianne and Jeremy Green. The couple has since adopted six children with special needs from China, and each child had a unique quality that drew the couple. They also adopted her her older sister, Lexie, who is blind. Sophi's two feet would do just as much, if not more, than if she had arms, too.
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