Photo of injured Chick-fil-A employee goes viral after customer shares boy’s reason for working - Must Watch Video

An injured teen’s dedication to his job inspired a customer who stopped at an Indiana Chick-fil-A recently to post a photo of the young man on social media.

Cameron Nelson wrote on Facebook that he had decided to go inside the restaurant because the drive-thru line was too long.

When he walked in, he saw employee Jakeem Tyler – still at work even though he was wearing a neck brace and sling.

His dedication to his job heartened Nelson, who posted about the experience on Facebook last Thursday.

“We sneeze too hard and decide to call in, but he's working like nothing's wrong,” Nelson wrote in a Facebook post that also included a photo of Tyler.

Nelson found out that Tyler had been injured in a car accident. However, he was at work because he needed the money – but not just for himself, according to Nelson.

"He did not want to let his team down by just calling in and not showing up but he also wanted to use the money for Christmas presents and to be able to feed the homeless with it as well," said Nelson.