Dog Gets Surgery To Repair Mutilated Nose, Ears, And Tail - A Must Watch Video

A Rottweiler found maimed and roaming the streets of Detroit last month is on the road to recovery. When rescuers found Baron, they said they were horrified to see someone had cut off his nose, ears, and tail. The Michigan Humane Society put out a call for the community to report who could have done this to him. They even offered an $11,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. Since then Baron has had surgery to try and repair some of the damage that was done to him.

$11G Reward Offered To Find Whoever Mutilated Dog's Nose And Ears

Animal rescuers in Michigan are out for justice. They're offering more than $11,000 in reward money for information leading to whoever mutilated this dog, cutting off his ears and nose. The Rottweiler mix named Baron was found maimed and roaming the streets of Detroit. He is being cared for at a clinic now and although he has a long road to recovery, veterinarians say he is already doing much better. Rescuers say they are looking forward to the day they can send Baron to a loving home.