7 Health Benefits Of Fasting That Will Surprise You - A Must Watch Video

Something that has become a widely popular in the health field is restricting your calorie intake and fasting. The terminology used is called “intermittent fasting.”

Fasting can help your body to fight off disease, get rid of harmful toxins and live a happy and a healthy life.

There are several different kinds of fasting, where you restrict your calories for a whole day or part of the day and either for a couple days a week or on a daily basis.

The three most popular methods of intermittent fasting are outlined below:

The 16/8 Method:

When using this method, you would skip breakfast and then restrict your daily eating to 8 hours. You then would fast for another 16 hours.

The Eat-Stop-Eat Method:

When using this method, you would fast for 24 consecutive hours, once or twice per week.

The 5:2 Diet Method:

When using this method, you would consume only 500 to 600 calories on 2 non-consecutive days of the week. Yet, on the other five days of the week, you would eat as you normally do.

Despite which method you follow, here are some benefits for adding intermittent fasting to your lifestyle:

1. Helps You Live Longer

2. Helps You Lose Weight and Belly Fat

3. Reduces Cardiovascular Risk

4. Repairs Cellular Damage

5. Lowers Diabetes Risk

6. Fights Inflammation

7. Promotes Human Growth Hormone

It is important to understand that fasting may not always be a suitable option for everyone, especially women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, if you have any health condition, such as diabetes or another chronic disease, it is especially important that you consult your doctor before deciding to add intermittent fasting to your lifestyle.

Have you utilized intermittent fasting in your life? Have you experienced any benefits from fasting? Comment below to share your experiences.

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