Be content with what you have - A Must Watch Video

Jim and Tom were believers of the same church. Jim was a wealthy man. He had many business ventures. He was the back borne of the local church. He were there for donations. He were there in the church committee. He actively participated every church services and activities. Whether it was weekly or Sunday service, he was there. He was there to teach Sunday school students. Donated generously for the church fund.

At the same time Tom was a worker who earned his daily wages by doing odd jobs. He attended Church every Sunday only.

When both of them died one day. Gabriel was advised by the God to take Tom to heaven and Jim to hell. Gabriel was puzzled at the instruction and went to God to clarify the matter.

Gabriel said to God, why have you sent Jim to hell. He was a good Christian. He gave tithe regularly. He attended all the church service. He helped many. He was the corner stone of that small church. There is no point in sending him to hell. On the other hand Tom was attending church once in a week. He was not so active like Jim. Still you send Tom to heaven and Jim to hell. What prompt you to do like this.

Then God replied to Gabriel that Jim was good in all other areas but he lack one important quality. He never satisfied by the things given to him. I gave him good business. I gave him good wife. I gave him good children. I gave him good house. Nice car. Whatever I can, I gave him. But he never satisfied with all that good blessings. Whenever he attended the church he was asking for more blessings. While praying he was complaining about his this business or that business. He was asking for more business. Better Car and Better home etc. He neither satisfied nor give thanks for all the things I have given in his life even though he was having best things in his life. He was greedy and asking for more blessings. Never satisfied. Never content with what was given to him.

On the other hand Tom was always satisfied with the things given to him. Whenever he came to church he worshiped me truly. He gave thanks for all the thing he had. He prayed these words. "thank you Lord for all the blessings and take care of me". He was not greedy and demanding like Jim. He had a good heart even though I refused to bless him with material things he loved me and thanked me for all the blessings.