Elephant and the Beggars - A Must Read Story

There was two beggars who sit in front of a famous Church. A pilgrimage site where worshipers comes from different parts of the country. Every day these beggars used to sit in front of the church and beg. People give pennies in anticipation of God's blessing.

One was a blind, and the other was lame. One day there was rain and streets were empty. They didn't get enough for the day. In the evening while they were returning home the lame saw an elephant and its mahout was coming against them. The blind beggar listened the sound of the chain of the elephant and asked his friend whether it's an elephant passing by.

The lame confirmed that it's an elephant. Then the blind beggar asked in a loud voice to the mahout "Hay, Do you want to gift the elephant to us". The mahout went on his way without answering the beggars.

After a while the lame beggar asked the blind. Are you mad? Why have asked for the elephant? Do you think he will give it to us?

To that the blind replied: "We don't know whether the mahout is kind enough to give us the elephant. If he give us the elephant, we wold get a lot of money by selling the elephant. Even if he is not willing to give us the elephant, we have nothing to loose but a world.

Many times our prayers are like this. We don't know whether we would get the things for which we had prayed. We don't know whether we are worthy to receive the thing to which we have prayed. Still we pray. Without faith. Without any assurance.