Stealing a Bell with One's Ears Plugged - A Must Read Story

There was a thief who came upon a bell. He wanted to steal it, but it was too heavy to carry away. So he decided to break the bell into pieces. When he hit the bell with the hammer, the bell rang loudly.

Not wanting others to hear the noises, he covered up his ears.

By logic, not wanting others to hear the noises is understandable.

To accomplish this by covering one's own ears, so one cannot hear himself, is absurd...

Hiding is simply an attempt to divert one’s and other’s attention away from what is true about self with the hopes that everything will be okay. King David’s life reminds us that it is not that simple. After seeing our sin as God sees it, we need to acknowledge it before Him and ask for His forgiveness. King David’s prayer in Psalms 51:1-2 was “be gracious to me,” wash me thoroughly,” and “cleanse me”.