Bible Reading - A Must Read Story

It was 1983, Me and my two cousins were about to get baptized. As the custom we were fasting for 3 days. We were challenged by the pastor to read the entire Bible before the baptism. Even though I read small chapters every day, I never ventured to read the entire Bible.

So we started to read the Bible. Frequently we discuss the chapters we are reading and we take stock of the books to be read to complete the task at hand. Some books were very interesting. Some parts were very boring. Still we continued reading the Bible. It was a in the summer vacation time. So we were able to read the Bible during the day and night.

After few weeks, I abandon the task. My cousins did it. During those days we look at the total page number and the number of pages I read. Very often I review how many pages I read and how many pages left to complete the reading. Later I divided my reading plan in to two. New testament and Old testament. First I completed New testament and then I pursed the Old testament.

My satisfaction came when I closed the book on the last page.

Throughout my teens, I always checked the page number I read and compared it to the total number, anxious to be done with the task - whether reading for pleasure or homework. I gauged my progress by how close I was to the end. My satisfaction came when I closed the book on the last page.

Thirty years later, enthralled with a good story, I never look at the page number. I enjoy the story. The end is no longer a sigh of relieve. It's a sad moment, when I have to leave the world in the pages and return to the real one. I savor every moment of the life I am taken to between the pages.

It was those same teenage years when I longed for time to fly, so I could be on my own - to live the life I wanted. I didn't savor the pages as they turned.

Today, my final page is hopefully not too close. I want to savor the story my life pages have to offer. I've learned to enjoy the story. Each page is read carefully and loved for the new information it brings.

What did yesterday teach me? I turn the page on tomorrow. What new mysteries it reveal? What excitement will unfold?

I no longer rush through life; I enjoy the read.