How to Know if You're Really Saved... - A Must Read Story

"Let's say you have an appointment in another city, and you need to fly there. You purchase your ticket on the internet, you get your confirmation with times and flight and gate numbers.

But you are delayed enroute to the airport, and when you finally arrive, running through the airport you come to your gate only to be told that the plane you see rolling away outside the window is the one you were supposed to be on, and you've missed your flight.

You were very, very close.

But there's no such thing as being half on and half off a commercial flight.

You're either all the way on the plane and heading for your destination, or you're standing in the airport with your hands dangling at your side because you're helpless to change your circumstances.

This is the difference between children of light and children of darkness. There is no in between. You are light, or you are dark. You are heaven bound, or you are destined to an eternity without God. You are saved or you are lost.

The only way you're going to get on that plane; the only way you can ever hope to be made a child of light, is to go to Light Himself and on His terms."

That's why it's critical that you have a regular communication with God. Every time you read, memorize, and meditate scriptures, you're keeping yourself with the Light Himself.

With scripture memorization, you're deciding to stay with God, embrace Him, and love Him.