Right Attitude - A Must Read Story

An old man was walking along the road. While walking he found in the road side few people are working. The workers were trying to make a building. Out of curiosity the Old man asked the first worker to whom he met. "What are you doing?" He replied with a tired face, "What to say, I am making a living". While inspecting their work, the old man came beside another worker. He again put forth the same question to him also "What are you doing?" The worker got little bit irritated and said. "Can't you see what I am doing. I am working with the stones" the Old man went around the upcoming building and met another worker. It seemed that the young guy is happy and doing his work with enthusiasm. The old man placed the same question to this young and enthusiastic guy. "What are you doing?" With a happy and radiant face, he replied. "See we are building a magnificent Church. It will be completed within few months. Then come and visit us. Here you will find a very beautiful Church building. You will find many people here worshiping God. A lot of work is to be done here." The young man invited the old man to visit the place again and worship God with him after few months.

From the above old story, you can see the attitude of different people who are working on the same project. The people who have the right attitude is happy in what they are doing. Those who do not have the right attitude will find it difficult to continue their life. Even though they all are working on the same project, they have different attitude. Some think that they are doing the work for a living, for the food for themselves and for their family. Some focus only on the things they are working. That is why the second guy said that he is working with stones. The third one's focus is on the outcome. "A Magnificent Church". He know what he is doing and what will be the outcome. Sometimes we will find it difficult to go ahead with our life. Feeling tired and fed up with the work we are doing every day.

But Do not stop there. Go to the word of God and feel refreshed. Keep Christ as your priority and everything else will fall perfectly in its places. Don't fret and be anxious but put everything to God in prayer. You will reap a plentiful harvest with much Joy. Keep a Christ atitude and you will find a meaning in life.