Top 10 Things That are dirty in a hotel (dirty hotel secrets you don't want to know) - A Must Watch Video

Chilling out on the bed in your hotel room watching television, while wearing your own pyjamas, is sometimes the best part of a vacation.

Today we look at Top 10 things that are mostly dirty in a hotel!

A Today show hotel investigation saw maids changing the bed sheets, but only giving the pillows a brush and fluff, leaving the same pillowcases on for new guests.

TV remote
If you forget about cleaning your own remote at home, well, the hotel's maids probably do too.

Similar to the remote, the telephone can escape sanitizing procedures. The Today show sleuthing found that receivers could be three times as nasty as they should be.

Hotel Maid
Hotel maids do actually — if they’re really tired and have the time. For example, if they are doing a large suite and are given longer to clean it, they will have a nap in the beds. Something else they do sometimes is that they use the toilets in the guest’s bathroom, but only if they are super busy and don’t have enough time to go to the staff toilets.

Bathroom counters
You'd think the proximity to the shower and the sink would actually make this spot one of the cleanest in a hotel, but it is in fact the dirtiest, with the study citing an average of 1,288,817 CFUs per square inch in all hotels and even higher (2,534,773 CFUs) in four-star hotels. The reason for this number, the study says, could be due to the fact that some hotel personnel wipe the countertop with the same towel used to clean the toilet.

Hotel rooms
The quality of a guest room is often measured by the number of fixtures in the bathroom (the bathroom is by far the most expensive room to build). A standard 3-fixture bathroom has a sink, bath and toilet. A 5-fixture bathroom is more typical for luxury hotels, and has 2 sinks, a bath, stand-alone shower and a toilet.

The glasses and mugs
Proceed with caution before you drink out of a glass or mug in the room. Investigation after investigation has found that many times, maids quickly rinse out used glasses without washing them, or worse, spray them with a cleaning liquid that says "do not drink." Luckily, most hotel rooms now offer those individual cups wrapped in plastic, so always use those if you can.

About that ice bucket
Do not use the ice bucket without the liner. It may have been used as a vomit receptacle.

Get fresh towels
Maybe everyone knows this, but if you want fresh towels you should put the towels on the floor. If you hang them they will not be changed and you’ll have to ask for new ones.

Having your hotel room feel like home is nice and all, but never walk around barefoot. Most of the time, hotels do not sterilize and deep wash the carpets between guests. Make sure to wear socks or slippers.