Here's What You Need to Know Before Buying Olive Oil - A Must Watch Video

Most everyone has heard that Olive Oil has been given 5 Star awards from health care professionals. It contains heart-healthy fat. This is the good fat - monounsaturated – that you’ll want to include in your diet. This type of fat is proven to keep arteries healthy, at the present time and as you age.

But if you’ve seen rows of various types of Olive oil in the supermarket, you can be frustrated wondering which one to buy.
In today’s video we’ll investigate how olive oil can improve your physical and mental health. We’ll also uncover the truth about how olive oil is packaged and sold. Is it actually pure oil or has it been altered?

Olive Oil Health Benefits

1. Prevents Strokes
2. Bone Health
3. Prevents Diabetes
4. Promotes Mental Health

Perhaps you are quite pleased with yourself because you’ve been consuming olive oil regularly. But what if it was ‘faux’ olive oil? You may be startled to learn that about 70 percent of olive oil sold is not pure. Most manufacturers mix olive oil with canola or colza oil, or a cruder version of olive oil. They may also chemically color the oil and add flavor.

1.Take the Taste Test
2. The Refrigerator Test
3. The Fool-Proof Test

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