The University of Heaven is hereby requesting candidates to apply at our prestigious University.
Please note that any candidate applying must pick our New-Man Form and drop the Old-Man at Salvation Hall. Our Office Complex is in Calvary.

The Forms are free due to the fact that the Registrar, the Lord Jesus Christ has paid for it with His blood.

Any candidate who fails any of these Faculty of Grace preliminary courses here on earth will not be shortlisted: Salvation, Sanctification and Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Please note that any candidate with Satanic Identification Number (SIN) will not be permitted at the Holiness Highway, the road that leads to the New Jerusalem Lecture Theatre.

Visit Calvary today to be shortlisted for the matriculation ceremony known as the Lord's Supper where Old & New Patriarchs will be re-united.

The final list will be released on the Rapture Day. We hope you'll make it to the final list. Thank  you and  be aware that Jesus is coming soon.