Why this name 'Ransomware'? - A Must Read

'Ransomware VIRUS' which shook the software/computer world and occupied the headlines of all news papers and social media.

Why this name 'Ransomware'?

It's because, once the virus enters a system, it takes complete control over the admin and demand a 'Ransom' (money to be paid) to get away from the system and to give the control back to the owner. Or else it destroys the whole data in the system.

Doesn't it sound like 'an already heard old story' ?

Yeah, the real story of Sin.
Sin is a Ransomare virus. When it enters a man it takes complete control over him and can't leave till the Ransom is paid. The Ransom it demands is death.
But the inventor of the system (God) send His own Son as ransom for our sin so that we will be freed completely from sin and can get the control back.

But this time we can't keep the control to our self because the virus can attack again. So now the control should be given to the creator and the savior who paid the ransom for you and myself.

He controls us in the right path and no virus can attack our system when he is given the control.

Jesus: No one can snatch my sheep's from my hands and from my Father's hands. (John 10: 28-30)