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Yarrow Herb: How to Identify and Harvest Yarrow Herb Easily
Yarrow herb is a common wild medicinal herb. Like many of the common wild plants it also has so many uses. A better known one is yarrow tea. In this video 2 veteran foragers and wild-crafters will take you step by step through how to identify yarrow in the wild and
how to harvest it. Megan will show you the key identifying features of Yarrow herb which includes the white flowers, feathery stems and aromatic smell. She'll also show you how to know whether the yarrow is good to use in the winter.

Then RosethePines will take over and take you through drying the yarrow and how to get the quickest and best results. You can just hang the yarrow up but cutting the flower heads off and then drying the flowers and stems separately will give you a quicker result.

 you can always try a yarrow tea made from the flowers when you get a cold as a good start.