7 Mind Blowing Gardening Secrets That Will Save You A Lot Of Money -A Must Watch Video

Gardening is fun. It can put food on your table that’s healthy and toxin-free and adorn your yard in beautiful splendor.

But, as you may well-know, it can be an expensive hobby. Here are some tips to keep your gardening expenses to a minimum even when you aspire to have a beautiful display of flowers or a bountiful vegetable-garden.

While it may be a more obvious tip, this is one that should never be overlooked. A compost-pile can create lots of organic fertilizer from your very own kitchen scraps, like uneaten fruits and vegetables, eggshells and coffee grounds, which can easily be composted. Of-course, you can also add the usual grass-clippings, leaves and such. Once the hot-summer months hit, your compost-pile should start breaking-down quickly, creating a nutritious addition to your soil.
While buying already established plants is a quick and easy way to begin a garden, it can cost several times the price of growing from seed which isn’t all that difficult. Starting seedlings also means you’ll know what has gone into your plant at every stage of the process, ensuring it is truly organic.
Although garden pests can cause all sorts of harm to your precious plants, forget about spending your hard earned dollars on toxic-pesticides!
Whatever pest you are facing, there is a natural-solution which you can quickly brew-up from a few simple household items like baking-soda, garlic, soap or even chili-peppers! Even better, many of them can be made in mere minutes. Check out my other video on homemade organic-pesticide.
Not all plants need to be grown from seed – some can even be propagated from cuttings! In fact, rooted cuttings are often sturdier than seedlings, mature faster and even bear flowers and fruits sooner. They’re also free to boot! From beautiful flowers to tasty healing herbs, there are number of plants you can start from cuttings.
Gardeners are a generous lot, and gladly share their produce and planting materials with fellow gardeners. Just spreading the word that you’re starting a new garden may flood you with offers of seeds, cuttings and divisions.
If you don’t have a lot of gardening friends, offer some of your stock as a goodwill gesture. Herb cuttings grown in small paper cups make excellent gifts.
For the most part, perennials cost more to purchase than annuals, but once they’ve been established, they will come-back year after year, and you’ll not only save money in the long run but also the time of starting them year after year.
by choosing certain plants, like asters, coral bells, daylilies and cranesbill geraniums, you’ll have an easy time and they’ll reward you with practically care-free growth.

7.Choose high-yield plants
High yield plants like tomatoes, pepper, squash and cucumbers will bring the highest-yields in order to get the biggest return on your investment.

These were my top 7-tips.
Now, if You have any other gardening tips that may save you some money, please share them in the comments below.

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