8 Jaw Dropping Beautiful Plants That Will Get Your Neighbors Talking - A Must Watch Video

While delicate flowers and lush green-foliage make for a pretty garden, some growers strive to cultivate something a little different – whether it be a truly unique outdoor space, a way to transport themselves to another world, or an interesting conversation starter.

If you’re looking to grow something other than a bed of perfect roses, consider these 8 peculiar-plants and fascinating-flowers.

The Italian Orchid is commonly known as the Naked-Man-Orchid because its petals look like anatomically correct men! It’s also one of the reasons why these unusual Spring blooms are so popular!

2.Watermelon Radish
Although these radishes don’t look like anything special on the exterior, once you cut them open their magic is exposed! You’ll be met with a stunning fuchsia or vibrant orange interior which will liven-up any dinner-plate.
Roast these radishes, toss them into a crisp summer-salad.

These amazing bush plants come in both bright green and hot-pink making them look like they are on fire!
The hairy flowers of this hardy annual bloom in summer, and the plants can grow to 36-inches in height. Place Korchia-Balls in full sunlight, and average soil

Mouse Melons are central American delicacies the size of grapes. They look like mini-watermelons yet taste of cucumbers and lime!
these plants don’t attract any pests, are resistant to drought and are easily grown-outdoors.
Add them to salads and salsas or pickle them for a healthy treat.

5.Birds of Paradise
Resembling the head and neck of a brightly colored bird in flight, the Birds of Paradise flower is a spectacular plant that instantly inspires a tropical feeling in any garden or home.
They don’t do well in temperatures below 50-degrees-farenheit, need plenty of sunlight and enjoy moist-soil during Spring and Summer. To ensure they bloom regularly, keep your Birds of Paradise lightly supported in pots and vases.

This psychedelic plant, also known as Roman Cauliflower, is sure to liven-up your vegetable garden with its vibrant chartreuse color and strange, alien-like shape. As it tastes similar to cauliflower, but with a slightly nuttier, earthier flavor, it can be used in place of broccoli or cauliflower in many-recipes.

7.Bleeding Hearts
The Bleeding Heart is native to Siberia, northern China, Korea and Japan.
It will bring a delicate and feminine feel to any garden, thanks to its heart-shaped pink and white flowers which bloom in Spring. Bleeding Heart grows best in cool, moist-conditions with light to medium shade and well-drained soil.

8.White Strawberries
When we think of strawberries, we tend to think of the juicy, mouth-watering red variety. But it turns out there are several types of white-strawberries too!
Two of these – the Alpine and the Beach are true white-strawberries that can grow in the wild, in the garden or in containers. Not only are these anemic-berries an interesting conversation starter when you have guests over, but better still, it’s likely that people who are allergic to red-strawberries can tolerate the white-version, as they are missing the pigment that causes the allergy.

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