8 Surprising Reasons To Use Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Garden - A Must Watch Video

Hydrogen peroxide ranks up there with baking soda and vinegar as one of the best multi-purpose products to have stocked in your cupboards. Typically used to sanitize injuries, hydrogen peroxide can also be used somewhere quite unexpected: the garden.

While not strictly an organic solution, hydrogen peroxide is safe for use in any type of garden including vegetables, plus it's easy on the budget.
Here Are 8 benefits of using Hydrogen peroxide in your garden

1.Peroxide help seeds grow faster
You can speed up the growth of seeds by soaking them in a weak solution of water and peroxide for a few minutes before rinsing and planting.

2.Peroxide works as a rooting agent
The key to a strong, healthy plant is a good base, the roots. Give your roots a boost by dosing them with a little bit of peroxide. This can also help revive limp leaves. Spray a peroxide/water solution into the soil around the plant.

3.Peroxide keeps bugs away
Skip expensive chemicals at the store and spritz your plants with 1% hydrogen peroxide to keep bugs at bay.

4.Peroxide can prevent infections on cut plants and trees
Treat infections on plant leaves or roots with a spray of water and peroxide to disinfect the area and prevent the disease from spreading. You'll want to douse the area with a lot of the water/peroxide solution for the best results.

5.Peroxide helps aerate the soil
Plants of all kinds need three basic things to survive: food, water and air. If your soil is too compact that means the roots can't get enough circulation to properly grow. Plus, soil that's too dense is a breeding ground for disease. Apply 2 parts water to 1-part peroxide to the roots of your plant to help aerate the soil around it.

6.Treat your water with hydrogen peroxide
Make the water you feed your plants a little healthier, by adding a bit of peroxide with the water in your watering can before applying to your plants and lawn. The peroxide removes chemicals and pesticides from tap water, making it healthier for your plants.

7.Peroxide helps heal sick plants
In particular, a peroxide is a great option for treating root rot. If your soil is too compact, root rot can develop. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with water (one-part peroxide to two parts water) and pour it over the infected roots of your plant.

And 8.Use peroxide to disinfect garden tools
Stop the spread of disease in your plants and garden by sanitizing your tools. This is especially true after finding and treating a fungus. Jut soak your tools in 1 gallon of water and 2 cups of peroxide.

Have you ever used hydrogen peroxide in your garden?
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