7 Eye Catching Succulent That Will Lighten Up Your Indoors - A Must Watch Video

Succulents are the perfect plant for forgetful gardeners. Succulent care is easy, and succulent gardens and terrariums can brighten any indoor space weather that be your office, living room, bedroom or even your bathroom. You could try Some of these outstanding verities.

1.Zebra plant.
This tidy little plant doesn’t take up much room and needs even less care. It’s the ideal succulent for busy lives. Hailing from South-Africa, plants perch on soil and sport a tidy form with leaves that boast striking horizontal white stripes. Use a shallow pot; roots don’t grow deeply in soil. Repot every 12 to 24 months with fresh potting mix because plants shed old roots to grow new.

2.Ponytail palm.
This funky plant is typically mistaken for a palm, but it’s actually a semi-succulent cousin of yucca. Native to the Mexican desert, ponytail palm withstands dry winter homes with ease. The swollen stem base stores water; thick leathery leaves resist drying. Keep leaves clean for best growth. This is the succulent to grow if you tend to forget to water on occasion. A slow grower, this striking plant rarely needs repotting; keep it pot bound for best growth.

The Hens-and-Chick plants are another great succulent group of plants for indoor gardening, they form flat flowerlike rosettes that have rounded edges. These plants need to be allowed to dry a bit between watering since overwatering can cause rotting. Keep these plants in a bright spot, they can also tolerate light shade. You can propagate new plants from cuttings.

4.Crown of Thorns.
A popular import from Madagascar, crown of thorns can bloom year-round if given enough light. Long, spoon-shape leaves appear at the ends of spiky branches, along with clusters of tiny flowers. You might not notice the flowers because they're so small, but you will see the red, salmon, or yellow bracts that surround them. This plant has low to moderate watering needs. Direct light will give you the best bloom although the plant can also adapt to medium-light conditions.

5.Aloe Vera.
Widely known as burn plant or medicine plant, this aloe is welcomed into homes not only for its beauty, but also for its healing properties. The gooey sap soothes burns, whether from heat or sun, and also heals scrapes. Native to northeast Africa, these trouble-free succulents grow slowly. Repot small offset shoots that develop beside the mother plant whenever the pot becomes crowded.
6.Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.
It is one of the best flowering houseplants you can grow. Plants of this genus grow best outdoors in warm climates. However, it can be grown indoors. This flowering succulent comes in a variety of colors.

7.Burro’s Tail.
A native of Mexico, Burro’s tail is best planted in hanging baskets due to its fat trailing stems. Its beautiful gray-blue or gray-green leaves can grow up to 2 feet long. This plant does best when kept in a spot that receives bright sun.

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