Always Eat More Black Spot Bananas. The Reason Will Surprise You - A Must Watch Video

Who doesn’t love that yellow, mushy, sweet and irresistible -fruit?

They’ve been around for centuries and even though there’s a new, exotic-fruit coming out on the market every-week, bananas are still our life-long favorites. They are the perfect super-food that give us energy, make us feel-full and provide our-body with all the essential-nutrients. They’re rich in fibers, vitamins and natural-sugars like fructose and sucrose. That’s exactly why even the doctors recommend it and it’s the perfect addition to your breakfast.

Americans eat more-bananas every-year than oranges and apples combined; it’s the top consumed fruit in the states. We buy a bunch of bananas in the local-grocery and usually they last until the end of the week. But you’ve probably noticed that in time black-spots start to appear on them, growing bigger and bigger until they turn-black. We usually tend to throw away the bananas when they turn brown and mushy because we think they’re rotten, which usually is the case with most fruits. However, the dark patches in bananas are actually not a sign of rotting, but something entirely-different.

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