Don't Drink Bottle And Tap Water Unless You Watch This - A Must Watch Video

Did you know that the average adult human body is 65% water?

The brain is made up of about 70% water, blood is 83% water, liver is 86% water, and the lungs, closer to 90%! This means that the quality of the water you drink has an enormous impact on the quality of your health. One of the main reasons water is so critical to life processes is that it is the ideal vehicle for transporting critical substances in and out of living-cells.

Unfortunately, high quality drinking water is increasingly difficult to come by in this day and age. While we are lucky in America to have access to water that is largely free of disease-causing microorganisms, drinking plain old, unfiltered tap or bottled water is generally not a great idea.

There are still many dangerous contaminants present in our water, even after it has gone through municipal water treatment facilities.
In fact, these water treatment facilities often actually contribute to the problem by adding dangerous chemicals like fluoride and chlorine to water as part of the treatment process. Additionally, many municipalities transport their water Through metal pipes which gets corroded over time leaching toxic heavy metals into the water after it has been treated.

Chlorine is added to kill bacteria, parasites and living organisms, your body is a living organism, what do you think it is doing to your body? Research being done today is linking chlorine to many ailments in the body.

You may be thinking why not buy bottled water or filter tap water? Bottled water is an unregulated industry and there are a lot of unknown facts about what is in bottled water.
Bottled water manufacturers would like us to believe that bottled water is safer than tap water because it goes through a filtration process, which improves the color, taste and smell, and eliminates specific contaminants. However, bottled water is not required to be 100-percent contaminant-free.

A Canadian study found that if water bottles are exposed to heat or sit around for a long time. plastic bottles leach chemicals into the water they contain.

• Even "safe" water may contain "acceptable" amounts of lead, arsenic, mercury, radioactive particles, and a long list of other poisons. Most People Who Drink Bottle Water still use tap water in their cooking.

Also what about all that plastic waste? very little is recycled and it stays in the environment for many years.

The debate on which type of water to drink daily is a necessary one. Some people prefer tap water, some spring water, and despite the bad press some people still prefer distilled water.
Let’s take a closer look at the good effects of drinking distilled water.

what is distilled water?
Distilled Water is water in its purest form.
It's a fairly simple process in which water is heated until it boils and turns to steam. The steam is then cooled and returns to water. Distillation is effective because it removes the water from the contaminants, rather than trying to remove the contaminants from the water.
It’s the only purification system that removes every kind of bacteria, virus, parasite, and pathogen, as well as pesticides, herbicides, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals and even radioactive contaminants. This Is How nature purifies the water.

As the sun heats the oceans and the steam rises to form clouds all the salt and impurities are left behind. As more and more steam evaporates into clouds they become heavy and it starts to rain, this rain is distilled water.
Unfortunately, with all the pollution in the air today the rain that falls is not so pure and is loaded with toxins.
A water distilled machine works the same way as nature. You add water to a boiler place it in the machine and as the water boils killing all bacteria and parasites, the steam rises leaving behind all impurities.
People claim that distilled water leaches vital minerals and nutrients from their bodies, minerals and nutrients that are vital for their health. The truth is that any organic mineral you eat or drink are immediately broken down and used by the cells of your body.
It is not possible for distilled water to remove those minerals from the cells as they are well on their way to building healthier cells. However inorganic minerals you eat and drink cannot be broken down and used by the cells of your body.

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