SOMEBODY'S PRAYING FOR ME (With Lyrics) : Don Moen - Newest album "Uncharted Territory"

A personal song from Don Moen to all of his friends who is praying for him. 

I was lost in a desert land 
So dry and thirsty 

But God was there where 

'He’d always been 
Giving grace and mercy

So hard to sing and hard to pray 

Yet I knew His Word was true 
And then one day my faith returned 
And suddenly I knew

Somebody’s praying for me 
Somebody’s knocking on Heaven’s door 
Somebody’s praying for me 
Somebody’s lifting me up to the Lord 
I knew it had to be 
Somebody down on their knees 
Somebody praying for me

I’ve been spared by so many prayers 
How many times I could not say 
What a difference a prayer can make 
When it’s offered up in faith

God has always made a way 
When I didn’t know what to do 
Just when I needed a miracle 
That’s when your prayers broke through

Now I know that friend was you 
You were the gift God gave me 
’Cuz when you prayed His love broke through 
It was your prayer that saved me


  1. ~K I S S ~ Keep It Simple Stupid~
    I ALWAYS CALL PRAYER'S FOR THOSE WHO MIGHT JUST hopefully, obediently and with spontenuity, PRAY FOR ME. WITHOUT being asked, having to, and without THINKING OF IT TWICE. Our prayer's are the most important words we'll ever be privileged to speak in our lives, because we're speaking them to Yahweh ~ Yeshua... I THANK GOD FOR ALL PRAYER. I think the lyrics to this song are especially meaningful, because they're a devoted gift, to a loving friend, who prayed for a friend. I truly believe GOD'S word, the Bible, it's true and fact about prayer's and absolutely Biblical. The most profound thing I know for sure about prayer will changes things. Yes it does, and it will. True prayer in the Holy Great Spirit, really changes things. Yes it really does, and just like the Bible says it does too. I would hope also that this song inspirers more people to do something very extraordinary, or special I mean, Make a special point to do something meaningful for those who prayed for you. Let's just face it, Prayer absolutely really does change things, and its how we communicate with our Higher Being, Our Godhead, who I at times refer to Heavenly Father as, My Maker, Yahweh, who's the God of, and above all Gods. My.Magi' Our Great Physician, YAHWEH,~Father~Son~YESHUA and HOLY SPIRIT, TRUE TRINITY Amen. I prayer an extra prayer for the ones who've prayed a good word for me, and I do this as often as I think to do.. THANK GOD I KNOW I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENETH me. This is a gift what I CALL PRAYERS. Thank you Father for musicians, instruments, and song lyrics. Bless our prayer's in songs..


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