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4 Month Old Baby Says "I Love You" - So Cute and AMazing! - Must Watch Video

Check out this precious moment as an adorable 4-year-old baby says, "I love you" to his dad. According to his mother, this was the first thing the little guy ever said! How cute! What were your first words in life?

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Cute Persian Cat Goes Shadow-Hunting - This is Hilarious! - Must Watch Video

Atom, a silver-shaded Chinchilla Persian cat loves to pretend that he's on the hunt. After a long bout with a shadow, he decides enough is enough and opts for a nap instead! How cute is that?

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How Can I Find God's Will? - Must Watch Video

Finding God's will - Zac Ponnen

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Band Uses Household Objects To Create Music - Really Interesting! - Must Watch Video

Why go out and purchase expensive equipment when you can just pull off a drumming performance like this? Check out The Lungi Band as they show off their talents in Kerala, India.

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Bring It On-Line: Judgement - Must Watch Video

I understand that God is all knowing. When we stand before Him in judgment, will we be accountable of our sins or will the blood of Jesus have mercy on us? Were the nails that were pierced in Jesus pierced in His hands or His wrists?

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