This Is What a Christmas Tree Fire Looks Like - A Must Watch Video

The flames of a Christmas tree on fire spread with incredible speed. Fortunately, it wasn't actually in someone's home. The contained burn was set up by authorities in Florida to demonstrate just how a quickly a little flicker can turn into a holiday inferno. To guard against this, Christmas trees should be watered daily and disposed of after the holiday season. And as always, make sure your smoke detectors are working properly.

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Celebrate the "Music of Christmas" with BYU Vocal Point - FULL CONCERT VIDEO ( OFFICIAL) ! - A Must Watch Video

FULL CONCERT: BYU Vocal Point, Peter Hollens, Madilyn Paige and Ryan Innes - BYUtv. Christmas Under the Stars. Special appearances by Stuart Edge and One Voice Children's Choir.

Celebrate the music of Christmas with BYU Vocal Point, BYU's premiere male a capella group. In this spectacular live performance of song and dance, Vocal Point is also joined by YouTube singing sensations Peter Hollens and Madilyn Paige, as well as NBC's The Voice competitor Ryan Innes, as well as a special guest appearance by YouTuber Stuart Edge. Original air date on BYUtv: November 26, 2016.

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So Beautiful!

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How mom talks on phone! - Baby's Expressions are HILARIOUS! - A Must Watch Video

Funny & smart baby is imitating mom's expressions during she is talking on phone.

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