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David Crowder singing the Acoustic Version of " Oh, Great Love of God " - Learn the Song - Must Watch Video

Watch and learn this new song with David Crowder !

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English Bulldog Skateboarding - Must Watch Video

All this guy needs is a helmet and some jeans and he'll be an official skater!

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" Lazarus " by Skit Guys - what "abundant life" is all about - Must Watch Video

Zombies, Chalupa's and Tombs...oh my! Journey with Tommy and Eddie as they imagine what it must've been like to watch Lazarus walk out of the tomb. Sometimes it takes death to remind us what "abundant life" is all about.

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Fresh pizza vending machine in Italy - Must Watch Video

Have you ever seen a vending machine like this before? During a trip to Italy, this couple discovers a 'Let's Pizza' vending machine in Sorrento, which promised freshly made pizza in just 2.5 minutes, all for 3 Euros. It was such a novel idea, they figured they had to film the whole process!

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" Mr. Bootsy " by Skit Guys - This is Quite Funny! - Must Watch Video

This is a re-telling of a tragic tale about a loved one name Mr. Bootsy.

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