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No Reason To Hide - Hillsong - Must Watch Video

We got nothing to lose,
We got no reason to hide,
We got the answer inside of us,
It’s time we took our disguises off

See Your glory revealed,
See Your name lifted high,
Because there is no one else for us,
Jesus you are the only one

Woah, You are alive and we are free,
You are everything, everything we need

There’s not a minute to waste
Not a second to lose
Coz there’s a city that waits for us
It’s time to take all the lamp shades off

Woah, love has spoken and we believe
You are everything, everything we need

Nothing compares to you
Nothing could ever separate us now
This love is ours

Nothing can separate us
Nothing can come between us
Nothing can separate us now

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Hero Postal Worker Catches Two Infants Tossed From Burning Building - Must Watch Video

It's hard to believe that when two infant boys were dropped from the window in a burning building, a postal worker was there to catch them. God put this hero at the right place at the right time.

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Babies Discovering Things For The First Time - Funny Video - Must Watch Video

So Cute and Hilarious! There is a first time for everything!

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Amazing Dog Patiently waited for his owner for 8 days in front of the Hospital - Must Watch Video

This short video records of these exciting moments..Share love, loyalty , faithfulness and affection ! A video that will melt any person's heart!

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Girl Reunited With Her Favorite Toy and Her Heart Melting SURPRISE REACTION will give tears in your eyes! - Must Watch Video

Lily lost her Walle stuffed animal a year ago on a trip to New York and she cried for weeks. Watch Her heart melting reaction!
Lily loves Walle! It's her favorite Disney character. She lost her Walle stuffed animal a year ago on a trip to New York and she cried for weeks. Well, her birthday is here again and her mom finally found a Walle online and I knew she would love it! Here is a video of Lily and Walle being reunited!

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