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Gospel of John - Jesus is - Must Watch Video

Who exactly is Jesus? That is the most important issue for every one of us. So we are digging into the Gospel of John, a biography of Jesus written by the Apostle John, a man who lived with Jesus, worked with Jesus, and had his life changed by Jesus.
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Beloved Home Depot worker is inspiring from aisle 16 - Must Watch Video

Sales associate Kevin Woolley, who has cerebral palsy, is beloved by colleagues and customers at his local Home Depot in New Jersey.

Video by Brian Johnston with
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Hotel staff takes boy's lost tiger on epic adventure - Must Watch Video

A hotel returns a little boy's lost stuffed tiger, but not before escorting the tiger on a major hotel adventure.
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Identity: Pleasure - Must Watch Video

I tried to gain acceptance by giving into the party scene, I thought as long as I had a concern for other people and was a genuinely good person, that would be enough for me to get to heaven. To me, Christ and joy were two separate things. But in all of this I realized that the pleasures of this world are nothing compared to the true pleasure found in Jesus. I took pride in the image I made for myself but now I count it all as loss for the eternal worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. Now my Identity is in Christ.
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Drug program graduate raps through ceremony - Must Watch Video

Shelby Allen graduated from a Seattle drug court program and after receiving his diploma, rapped about his experience getting sober and regaining his life.
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