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Heroic Pitbull Saves Missing Elderly Woman With Alzheimers - Must Watch Video

Heroic Pitbull Saves Missing Elderly Woman With Alzheimers Cara Jones was out walking her Pit bull, Creature, late at night when the 2-year-old dog kept drawing her attention to the brush nearby.
She kept looking at Cara, barking and pulling Cara to the spot where an elderly woman lay shivering and cold on the ground.
Carmen Mitchell, 89, suffers from Alzheimer's and had wandered from her home in Piscataway, New Jersey.
Her caregiver, Rochelle Wason, immediately called police, who sent out a search party and helicopter to look for Carmen. She had been missing for several hours when the heroic Pit bull found her.
Carmen's family "couldn't believe it" and was grateful for this Wonderful Dog.

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This Dad Was Praying For His Daughter’s Future Husband and God Give Her An Amazing Husband Far More That He Can Ever Ask For! - MUST WATCH VIDEO

SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! - This Sweet Daddy Is About to Give His Daughter Away, But He Has Something to Say to the Groom First.
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Best Surprise Wedding Song Ever Bride Sings to Her Dearest Husband Whom She Love So Deeply - Stunning Performance! - Must Watch Video

BREATHTAKING! St├ęphanie Hamelin Tomala Singing At Her Wedding, 8th of june 2013 singing for her husband whom she love so deeply!!!

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Bystanders Rush to Rescue Teens from Submerged SUV- Incredible Group Rescue Captured on Camera - Must Watch Video

Airborne SUV Crash River Rescue Trapped Teens Saved By Strangers Salt Lake City Heroes . Heroic River Rescue SUV Trapped Teens Saved By Strangers Salt Lake City Rescue. Salt Lake City saw true heroism Thursday night when a group of courageous bystanders rushed heedlessly waist deep into a river to save three teenage boys trapped in an overturned SUV.

Police said the vehicle went airborne and landed in the water after crashing through a barrier while going too fast on Indiana Avenue at approximately 6:30 p.m.

Eyewitness Leo Montoya Jr. says he was the first into the water. The driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition and the other boys, condition unknown, were also sent for medical treatment.

One of the men who helped to flip the vehicle said the group tried to cut apart the driver's seat belt before resorting to turning the vehicle over but that those attempts were unsuccessful.
'Everybody was yelling to jump in the water, and it just started snowballing,' Ron Darro said. 'More and more people were in the water.'

Faced with the footage after the fact, Montoya looked as if he was about to cry.

'As far as I know, a couple of kids get to live because of my actions,' Montoya told NBC 12, the glimmer of a grin breaking. 'I feel like I'm somebody.'

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