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Godly Woman Daily Calendar - February 2015 - Do Not Judge - Matthew 7:1-2

Parrot is Practicing Being a Mommy - Pushing Baby in Stroller - Must Watch Video

Kili shows how she holds her baby, puts her in a stroller, pushes it around, and then puts baby to bed in her crib. 
This trick only took a couple days to teach and then some more to perfect. Kili is a veteran trick performing parrot. Senegal Parrot is practicing being a mommy. 

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' The Reward of His Suffering ' by Matt Papa - Beautiful Song and Music Video Tell his Beautiful Story - Must Watch Video

Sell himself into slavery, if that was the only way to reach these people who needed Jesus Christ!
' The Reward of His Suffering ' by Matt Papa - (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Baby Laughs Hysterically at Dog Eating Food - So Cute and Hilarious! Must Watch Video

Baby Austin has a front row seat for a hilarious show.
Watch as he can't stop laughing while watching his dog eat dinner. Is that not adorable?!
Credit to 'rrbonini'.

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GOD and the UNIVERSE - This a Great Video Show How Powerful Our God is! - Truly Indescribable! - Must Watch Video

God the creator of the universe loves use much more than we can imagine!!
Amazing Explanation!

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Determined Baby Hits the Treadmill ! - Must Watch Video

This adorable baby appears to be getting in shape for his upcoming one-year-old birthday party.
Keep up the hard work buddy!
Credit to 'jhausman'.

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