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Harlem Gospel Choir - Amazing Grace (EXCLUSIVE) - Must Watch Video

The world famous Harlem Gospel Choir visited our studio recently to record a few numbers. Watch their exclusive performance of one of the most famous gospel songs of all time - Amazing Grace.

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Dalmatian Fends Off Bully Kitten With Clever Tactic - Must Watch Video

Lady and Squirt are good friends, but sometimes Lady the Dalmatian just can't take Squirt's feisty nature! Watch what she does to calm the situation.

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Autistic Man Singing National Anthem Gets Some Help - WOW!! This is So Inspirational ! Must Watch Video

There is still great hope in humanity, and this video shows that when the entire crowd at Fenway Park comes to the aid of an autistic man singing the National Anthem. Praise God, this is so inspirational.

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Koala Breaks Into House - Cutest Robber Ever ! - Must Watch Video

Having found an open door to a house, this Koala "breaks into" the house and simply walks inside. The homeowner follows the Koala around until she is eventually able to coerce the Koala to get out!

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Soldier Home Early Gives his Mom the Surprise of her Life - Must Watch Video

Of all the videos of soldiers returning home to surprise loved ones, this woman has to take the award for the BEST reaction! She is so happy to see her son, safe and at home. Amazing...God bless them.

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