God's Kitchen - Must Watch Video

There is no denying it: our nation has an obsession with food.
Millions of Americans—just like you— feel as though they have lost (or are struggling with) the battle with food and their weight. With the prominence and popularity of food-oriented television shows, tempting commercials, convenient snack-size portions, and often-misleading caloric listings, the entire food industry encourages us to mindlessly munch and expand.

But what would happen if you turned to Christ, instead of the fridge, to save you from your troubles? My friend, step out of Hell's Kitchen and follow the blessed, fragrant aromas of hope that lead to GOD'S KITCHEN!

GOD'S KITCHEN is a "soul" food bible study and demonstration cooking class that empowers your understanding of God's Word and strengthens your commitment to eat healthy, eat holy, and find comfort in God's provisions.

Taste and see how devouring Holy Scripture can help you overcome the "Battle of the Bulge" as you trust God in all things . . . including your daily bread!