The Secret of Your Future - A Must Read

A lot of people in our society spend a lot of time blaming others for their own lack of initiative, insight, ambition, and effort.

The Southern Baptists one year had a slogan for church growth that would fit us individually: "If it is to be, it is up to me."

Zig Ziglar said, "If you're looking for helping hand, there's one at the end of your sleeve."

Dr. Kenneth McFarland, the dean of American speakers, said, "The person you need to see about self-improvement is always available."

Mike Murdock is an Assemblies of God preacher and a motivational speaker. Some of my favorites of his statements are these: The Secret Of Your Future Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine.

That's true in health, wealth, relationships, and most importantly in your spiritual life.

Let me ask you this...

What's your future of your spirituality look like with your daily routine today?

Are you moving towards to your ideal spirit-filled Christian or moving away from it?

What are you doing routinely to develop a deeper relationship with God?

You see, you should be more proactive to develop your faith in God.

Surely, sitting in a couch and watching 3 hours of television won't help you.

Instead, consistently read, memorize, and meditate scriptures. Make it part of your daily routine. This seemingly small activity will make you a stronger Christian overtime.