Lion Shows Tourist Why You Should Keep Car Windows Closed - A Must Watch Video

AWARENESS VIDEO!!!! Lion shows tourist why you should keep car windows closed when near Lions. Lion Charge Tourist in South Africa.

I saw this lion on the H1-6 near Middlevlei, at about 5.30am. On the previous afternoon I had seen him asleep under a nearby tree, and so after spending the night at Tsendze I headed back in the hope of seeing some activity. Luckily, there he was, patrolling along the main road; I decided to drive beside him and film as he walked, which didn't seem to bother the lion at all until I got a little bit ahead of him. Clearly he didn't like to be overtaken, and he gave me a clear warning! Even though I hadn't thought that I was disturbing him too much, it reminded me to always be respectful of an animal's personal space.