Witness - Jordan Feliz - Lyrics

I was blinded, You gave me eyes to see
I was going under, You reached out to me
No there's nothing You won't do
To pick me up and pull me through
Every hour, eight days a week, yeah
Your love is like a fountain
It'll never run dry
It'll never run dry
You love is moving mountains
Everyday of my life
Everyday of my life
Can I get a witness
Hallelujah, hallelujah
We want glory, but can't measure up
We try money, but don't get enough
We fill our sky with fainted lights
Try'n to guide us through the night
But You're the one thing that'll carry us
So much love, so much grace
C'mon now, can I get a witness
Somebody in this place
C'mon now, can I get a witness

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