"Walk On" by The Isaacs

Walk on
Walk on

walk on brother walk on sister walk on children you gotta roll wit the rock through the shifting sand walk on through the valley walk on up the mountain walk on through the wilderness if your ever gonna make it to the promise land walk on

when you feel temptations tugging at your heels (walk on) When the devils at the crossroads trying to make a deal ( Walk on) don't stray to the left don't veer to the right (walk on) cause straight is the way that leads to light


if your weary from the weight of the world on your back (walk on) if you stumble get up don't worry bout that(walk on) keep your eyes on the narrow road (walk on) someday its gonna turn into a street of gold


were all walking the same road were just wearing different shows you better lay down that heavy load you gotta keep on walking or the devils gonna get you

Chorus 2x
walk on
walk on