Sing Your Praise To The Lord - Rich Mullins - Lyrics

Sing your praise to the Lord
Come on everybody
Stand up and sing one more hallelujah
Give your praise to the Lord
I can never tell you. Just how much good that it's 
Gonna do you just to
Sing anew
The song your heart learned to sing
When He first gave His life to you
The life goes on and so must the song
You gotta sing again
The song born in your soul
When you first gave your heart to Him
Sing His praises once more
Repeat chorus
>From the rising of the sun
To the place where it sets
The name of the Lord
Is to be praised, the Lord is exalted
Over all the nations
His glory above the heavens
Who is like the Lord our God
The one who sits enthroned on high
He who stoops to look down upon
Down upon the earth and it's skies
Sing aloud
The song that someone is dying to hear
Down in the madd'ning crowd
As you once were before you heart the song
You gotta let them know
The truth is alive to shine upon the way
So maybe they can go
Sing your praises once more
Repeat chorus
Let the name of the Lord be praised
Both for now and evermore
Praise him, oh you servants
Give your
Repeat chorus
Sing, sing, sing, Com on, Sing sing sing
I can hear you now, SIng, sing, sing