We Are The Broken - Matthew West - Lyrics

Most my life I’ve been doing my best to 
Try and hide anything less than perfect 
I covered up all my scars 
I gotta make them think I’ve got it together 
Make believe nobody ever has to see 
What I keep in the dark 
Truth is, I was wrong 
That’s the part that you have wanted all along 
We are, we are, we are the broken 
But we are, we are, we are the chosen 
So come on shine, shine, shine 
Your beautiful light 
Through the cracks inside our hearts tonight 
‘Cause we are, we are, we are the broken 
Coast is clear we got nothing to hide 
All are welcome here 
Step into the light 
Where there’s no more fear 
Can you hear the freedom song our souls are singing 
Come just as you are 
Take those walls around you and tear ‘em all apart 
We are the weak, the wrong, the too far gone 
We are the outcasts, yeah, but today we belong 
We are the lost, the found, the been knocked down 
But we got back up and now we are the city on a hill 
Is filled with stained glass hearts, but we come as we are 
We come as we are 
And we shine like stars, shine like stars 
We come as we are and we shine like stars