A Mother Sings a Precious Song to Her Dying Daughter - Grab the Tissues - Must Watch Video

Lindsey Lourenco is a sweet 18 year-old that had been battling cancer for 6 years, beating it 4 times. Sadly, this year, the cancer came back worse than before. Just a few moments before she died, her mother sang her this precious song that she wrote for her. While this moment is painful and heartbreaking it is also a moment of beauty and unconditional love. Allow this to remind you of what is truly precious in life. Lindsey--may you rejoice with the angels in heaven!
wow!!! Amazing Hope! " God has blessed her this way."


  1. so heartbreaking but knowing that God is always there whatever it takes... its a Blessed assurance. Lindsey, Just follow the light and God is just there WAITING.
    To her Mom: May you find comfort in God's Loving arms
    Melchie Pulido from Philippines

  2. Mother gave life to her precious child and that was the greatest moment in her life. She felt blessed when God gave her the chance to be a mother...but now...she has to give back her child to the source of life, God. What an awful feeling it must have been but she has to mass up her courage to finally surrender her child to our Creator...it must be the true meaning of a mother's LOVE and DEVOTION for her little one. A child like her is really blessed to have her as her Mom.
    Donna Jane Cachola-Philippines

  3. Hold on... God knows what he is doing..He has plan for our lives.. always have faith in Him.. GOD BLESS!


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