A farewell event to a dying wife for husband and family Jesus is her Lord and savior - Must Watch Video

NOTE: Viewers in different aspect of life find this video differently. This is warnings that if you do not want to see how a dying person looks like, please do not watch. For those people who think positively about life on the second life, this video project how to handle hopes in the future when your love ones is saying, "I have to go". You will see the family is not afraid of saying, "see you later" to a dying family member because of the hope God has given to all humankind. This video teaches us the Christian ways to handle sorrows and death. I hope after watching this video you will learn something. However, if you feel afraid of seeing a person saying goodbye for good, PLEASE do not watch.

On this video is a little stolen video clip of the events when Vanz said, "I have to go" to be with Jesus. The Family gave her farewell song while her earthly life ended and continue her spiritual life to another location in heaven.

The battle is done... The late Evangeline Malinnag Dumalanta (1958-2012), has won and went home with the Lord. She was able to say blessings to each of her family members. She is a blessing to her family of her Christian Faith up to her last breath. The Family started singing praises to the Lord after she pulled out her oxygen tube from her nose. They asked her to say hello for them to our loving Father God, our Lord Jesus and our God the Holy Spirit. They prayed and sing praises to the Lord around her to say farewell to her soul at the room she was confined at the Hospital.


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