Mother Dying of Cancer Gives a Godly, Life Changing Final Speech - Very Inspirational - Must Watch Video

(11 Mins Video)

Just 4 months before passing away to a terrible fight with cancer, mother-of-two and wife Rachel Barkey stood before a large audience to deliver some of her final words.

What she has to say about death and Jesus is so powerful, you will never be the same after watching it.

Mother Dying of Cancer Gives a Godly, Life Changing Final Speech Inspirational Video - 55 mins VIDEO


  1. Sweety, your truth and testimony have struck me in a way that is indescribable. You are in my prayers and will be for you deserve knowing that many of us have seen your testimony - we feel your faith in God and know that you are ready for a great journey. I pray for your family for they will surely miss you and for that, I don't know what to pray. I do know that God deserves the glory from all mankind. Your strong faith and belief is all you need in the coming days, months. I pray that your prayers will be answered. I know that you are in the right place regardless of your circumstances. Therefore, you are blessed. May God be with you and your children and other family members during these coming days. I pray for peace that passes all understanding. God said He would give that to us. Be blessed my new friend.


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