Washed Over Me - Adam Cappa - Lyrics

By the blood of Jesus Christ, I can answer and by his love and
sacrifice, I am whole again. All the pieces I have torn apart, are
scattered all around. There is not a trace, you took it all away.

I've been washed, I've been cleansed, I have been made free. I've
been bought by the blood, my king has bled for me. The sweetest
victory won at Calvary, where your love, all your love washed over

When the stains and shame my life, weighs me down again. Only
you can purify. Restoring hope within. Every moment that I feel so far
away, you're not far from me. There is no escape from the shelter of
your name.

Let it rain, let it rain. Let it overtake me. Let your love flood my heart.
I am finally waking. I will never be the same as long as I remember.