Son Passed Math And His Dad Was Overjoyed - Must Watch Vieo

In England, passing secondary school courses is a prerequisite for almost your entire adult life. This made the failing math grade for Aria Shahrokhshahi of Nottingham a true challenge — but it was even more significant because of what it meant to his father, Farnoosh. Farnoosh is a physics teacher, who would spend hours with his son before his final going over the material. When Aria received the C on his final, he knew he had to tell his loving father. As Farnoosh told NBC’s Today Show regarding the video going viral: “It just clearly demonstrates that the vast majority of the people in this world are lovely. They appreciate love, and Aria’s shown love toward me and I’ve shown love toward him, so it’s just wonderful.” We do appreciate love. Check out the touching overreaction between father and son in the video below!