Flash Mob Choir: A special Northern Ireland welcome - this is how we do it! - Must Watch Video

For nearly a century, Northern Ireland has been a country of intense struggle between the traditionally Protestant English, who still hold Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom, and the staunchly Catholic Irish. Controversy, politics, violence can make it difficult for someone to settle, forcing many Irish out of the country. Roisin Monroe is one such person. She moved to the United States twenty years ago and hasn’t seen her Da or Mum in over a decade. So when the Northern Ireland Tourist Board ran a contest to bring someone home for the holidays, Roisin’s niece Shannen knew this was a great chance to bring Roisin back to Belfast along with her children. But when the Monroes won, it wasn’t just family that greeted them. See the Belfast Community Gospel Choir ring in the holidays with “Joy To The World” for the Monroe family in an airport flashmob!