Boy Can't Blink His Eyes - Rare Brain Condition - Must Watch Video

Boy Cant Blink His Eyes - At just 3 years old, Corbin Durant has been in and out of the hospital more times than his mother can count.

He was born with heart defects, including a heart valve problem, but that is just the first in a host of ailments. He has low muscle tone and nerve damage, which means he sometimes moves awkwardly.

He face is partially paralyzed, resulting in an inability to blink and eyelids that looks slightly closed most of the time. Most troublingly, it appears that his cerebellum is shrinking and after years of tests his doctors still don't know why, according to his mother Natasha Durant.

Cerebellum shrinking "can cause a lot of problems. It may be responsible for nerve degeneration. It may also cause problems with motor function and speech," Durant

His doctors told Durant that they believe a genetic abnormality is most likely the cause of Corbin's symptoms, however, multiple tests looking for different genetic disorders have come back negative and a diagnosis remains elusive.