My Husband Makes it Easy for Me to Submit to Him - Husbands Role in Godly Marriage - Must Watch Video

I usually only talk about our role in marriage, but God gives very clear instructions to husbands, as well. I think wives do need to know what a godly husband's role is according to God's Word. Ideally, both the husband and wife would be totally submitted to Christ and seeking to honor and obey Him in everything. Here is a brief overview of God's design for husbands in a godly marriage.

Keep in mind - God does not command wives to make their husbands love Him. He does not command husbands to make their wives respect and submit to them. We are each accountable to God for our own obedience to Him regardless of what our spouse is doing.

I made this video primarily in response to some husbands who were attempting to use my videos to force their wives to respect them and to "submit" to them.

Biblical submission is voluntary - it is done out of our love and reverence for Christ. It is not something that can be forced or coerced any more than a wife can force a husband's godly love and Christlike selfless leadership.