Toddler Rescued After 22 Hours Alone In Michigan Woods - Must Watch Video

A little girl is back home safe following a terrifying 22 hours alone in the woods.

Her family feared the worst after 2-year-old Brooklyn Lilly disappeared last week while playing outside of her home in Eastern Michigan.

"I'm just glad she is back and still alive. I was just worried someone kidnapped her," explained Brooklyn's Aunt, Alicia Cook.

The toddler was wearing little more than a pink winter coat before somehow making her way into the wilderness.

She survived overnight through the cold and storms that slowed search efforts.

But search teams continued on foot until a police K-9 named Jax picked up her scent.

Jax led his handler straight to the little girl who was lying on the ground.

"She had lifted her head up off the ground and looked back towards me and my dog and began smiling," said Trooper Denis McGuckin, Michigan State Police.

That smile stayed on her face as as she posed in a photo for one of her rescuers.

"I asked her, I said 'Brooklyn can I take your picture?' She looked up and gave me this great big smile and I said thanks and she says 'I love the woods.'," said Jeff Seyfried, Volunteer Fire Fighter.

Brooklyn was taken to a hospital to be treated for hypothermia, dehydration and a few cuts, but is otherwise okay.