Every Baby in the World Deserve this Kind of Compassion and Care - Must Watch Video

A unique bathing technique for newborns developed by A nurse in France, Sonia Rochel. You'll feel so relaxed after watching this video!

" Human touch stimulates Brain Development in Babies
One of the most emotive and beautiful videos you are ever likely to see in your entire life is ‘Sonia Rochel’s Thalasso Baby Bath and which will make even the most hard-hearted person stop and marvel at what they have just witnessed.

Thalasso is Greek for ‘the sea’ and though this does not actually use seawater, it still is a remarkably gentle bathing technique developed by Sonia Rochel, a specialist baby nurse with over thirty years’ experience working with new-born babies, predominantly at the Clinique de la Muette in Paris, France.

Too many people she felt were hung up on the desire to ensure their baby was clean from head to foot and that they were missing something so much more important, and that was their baby’s emotional well-being and allowing their baby to relax completely in a naturally enveloping environment." - Sandy Aiyar


  1. i wouldn't run the water like that on baby's ear but i like the way she runs the water on the face and massaging after bath.


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