Envy - Ben Sirach - A Must Read Story

Centuries ago in the country of Greece there was a young athlete who  had so distinguished himself in the public games that his fellow citizens raised a statue in his honor, to keep fresh the memory of his victories. 

This statue so excited the envy of another athlete who had been defeated in the races, that one night he went out under cover of darkness with the intention of destroying that statue and knocking it to pieces.

 First he tried and tried to tip over the statue. He tugged and pulled and shoved... and after an hour it moved just a little bit. This encouraged him and he gave one mighty push and the statue fell -- on top of him, and killed him. Envy always harms the one who is guilty of it.

Did it ever occur to you that when you envy somebody or you are jealous of somebody, that this does not hurt that person in any way... He or she does not feel it at all... It only hurts you: it eats your insides out... So, you see, that it is a useless, self-destructive exercise. "Envy and anger shorten one's life." (Ben Sirach)