Making Sure My Husband is My #1 Ministry - Must Watch Video

some ways to minister to my husband:
- support his career, his dreams, his calling, his ministry, his plans
- make my home a place of peace, calm, order, emotional safety, encouragement, support, affirmation and respect
- present myself to my husband in a beautiful way - taking time to dress beautifully for him and fix my hair and makeup the way I know he likes it best
- prepare food he likes
- be mindful of the schedule he prefers
- make his requests a priority in my schedule
- allow him to have time to unwind and relax
- enjoy him, desire him, accept him for who he is
- ask for what I need in a pleasant, friendly way
- if he decides not to do what I prefer, I can accept his decisions graciously and trust that God is sovereign and will work things out for my ultimate best and His glory
- pray for him daily
- praise him for what he does well
- thank and appreciate him for what he does for me and our family
- be sexually responsive and welcoming - make time for physical intimacy a big priority (as Gary Thomas says, in "Sacred Marriage" - "Sex is the glue that holds a marriage together."