That Tomb is Still Empty 2 - Must Watch Video

Levi and Lia once again tell the story of the empty tomb, this time joined by their new brother Luca (who has only been learning English since February!).

That Tomb is Still Empty 1

Thank you for the multitude of thoughtful messages we’ve received from all over the world over this last year about the impact that Levi and Lia’s 2015 Easter Video “That Tomb is Still Empty 1” made on your lives or on the lives of others. We are grateful that God could use a simple video to share the resurrection story with so many.

Our prayer is that God will use this new video to continue to make an impact on lives near and far. May each of you and each of your churches experience God in a meaningful and transformational way as you remember and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection (not just at Easter but every Sunday and indeed every day).

Blessings from the Mullen Family! -Joel and Sara Mullen