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"What Jesus Came To Do" - ORIGINAL - Skit about God's perfect love and sacrifice for His people - Must Watch Video

This original skit was created and first performed in 2011 to teach our youth about God's perfect love and sacrifice for His people.
Act 1 - A Dying World In Need of A Savior (song: "Afterwhile" - Kirk Franklin)
(Blindness, Broken Hearted, Unclean Spirit, Heavy Burdens/Sins of the World, Paralysis, Addiction, Suffering)

Act 2 - Jesus Heals & Delivers (song: "You Are" - Kirk Franklin)

Act 3 - Jesus' Capture (song: "You're Welcome Here" - The Singletons)

Act 4 - IT IS FINISHED (song: "They Didn't Know" - Kurt Carr)

ANOTHER VERSION OF THIS SKIT - Easter Drama: What did Jesus Come to do?

Drama performed at Mountain View Community Church.

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