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20 Simple Life Hacks - Great Tricks! - Must Watch Video

20. shoes dryer life hack
19. hanger book holder life hack
18. cell phone lantern life hack
17. spring from pen for cord life hack
16. toilet paper roll speaker life hack
15. wet paper towel to cool drinks in fridge life hack
14. ketchup bottle for pancake mix life hack
13. shoe rack to hold cleaning supplies life hack
12. toilet paper roll cord organizer life hack
11. coffee ice cubes life hack
10. bread clip to fix broken flip flops life hack
9. can opener for plastic packaging life hack
8. carabiner for grocery bags life hack
7. baking soda to hard boiled egg life hack
6. stack clothes vertically to see them all life hack
5. blend water and soap to clean blender life hack
4. bread clip for cord labels life hack
3. soda tab to double stack hangers life hack
2. rub walnut on scratched furniture life hack
1. velcro remote control life hack

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